Pilot V-Pen Disposable Fountain Pen

Hi Everyone,
This week’s pen is Pilot V-Pen, disposable fountain pen. It comes with ink inside. As I came across the inks are in black, blue, turquoise, pink, green and red. It is about 4 USD in retail which I guess a reasonable price for that pen.
Pilot V-Pen has the same nib with Pilot Petit fountain pen. It is a plain steel nib and medium writes quite similar to western medium nibs. It has a reliable feed so it flows well. I can say it is a wet writer. The body is made of cheap plastic but I didn’t encountered any cracking issues. Cap is a spring load and after a while you may have problems with that.

Nib writes very well, especially if you like wet nibs. Mine was a turquoise which is referred as Light Blue and I liked it. Black, blue and red ones can be suitable for office. Also it is quite practical for note taking. Besides, since you don’t have to break the bank to get this pen, it can be an ideal pen to introduce your child with.

I finished the ink of mine end of a long period of use. Did I throw it away? Hell, no! I will tell you what I did with it, in the next post.


Zeynep Pilotpen


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