Pilot V-Pen Hack

As you may already know, one of things I like the most about fountain pens is their place against the consumption society. It is different from other items that we use and instead of repairing thrown away to the trash bin. Therefore, I don’t even like the disposable fountain pens. Therefore, I tried something to use it again and again as it should be. To hack that pen you only need a plier and a thick cloth.
Wrap the cloth around the nib and pull it thoroughly with the plier with a paralel move.  Generally nib slips off easily. After that, wrap the cloth around the feed and pull again. But the trick here is not to twist it, but evenly. Although it requires power a bit, I managed to pull it off in my second try.
After that, clean the nib, feed and the body. When it dries feel free to fill it with your favorite ink. After filling it, place carefully the feed and section (as you can see from the photo it is just one piece together) and slide the nib over the feed. I inked my hacked Pilot V-Pen with Diamine Majestic Blue which I like but also kind of tired cleaning it off. Next time, I will try Noodler’s Baystate Blue in my Pilot V-Pen.
Did you like this use but not consume project?
Zeynep Pilotjiyan


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