Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen

Hi There!
Let’s start the week with a humble pen! I came across with those pens in a small stationery store in my old neighborhood in Istanbul. There were two colors when I get them. But actually there are more, like red, orange or pink. This is sure a futuristic pen of Pilot.
Vortex is a compact fountain pen. It has a short body and a long cap compared to the body. Cap is made of clear plastik so you can see the nib through.
Clips has an original design and every clips has a colored centered matching with the body. I cannot say it is an elegant one but for sure it is quite compatible with the fountain pen itself.
 Vortex has a long plastic grip setion and a steel  nib. You can completely disassemble the pen however I do not recommend doing it too often as the plastic parts might get cracked after a while.
 Okay! One interesting thing, when I searched online, this pen seems to use original Pilot cartridges. However, the pens I own, came with a standart cartridge inside. I put them in and so far, I have no problem. Pilot sometimes do that. They can lauch same pen in two version. One is accepting original cartridges and the other takes standart ones, as in Metropolitan/MR. Therefore, it is not a surprise.
 Pilot Vortex fountain pen has a smooth nib. With a little operation it also writes very wet now.  Ink on the top is a pink from an assorted international cartridge packet. The one at the bottom is  Kaweco Ruby Red with a little black ink in it.
What do you think about futuristic pen designs?
Zeynep Futurama

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