Private Reserve Chocolat Ink Review

I was quite wondering about trying any Private Reserve inks which I used to come across within other fountain pen blogs. While making an order, I added Chocolat to my shopping list. Don’t ask why I chose this color but maybe because I was not completely satisfied with Waterman Havana Brown and doesn’t have any other brown inks.
Bottle of the ink has the basic shape but yet very useful to dip wide pens. It is a nice dark shade of brown. It is a bit feathering on Moleskine paper but not too much, you should be looking for feathering to see it. It is a nicely lubricated ink which is quite important. For instance, one of the reason I was not satisfied with Waterman Havana is, it is too dry. Besides, it dries really fast as you can see and it is also recommendable for left handers.   However I was not satisfied with the shading. But you know, shading is not a “must” for inks but nice to have. So it is not a big disappointment for me. But water resistance might be better. So I have to protect it from wet paws.
I saved the worst part to the end: When you write with this ink, you definitely crave for chocolate! Aside from joke, it is a nice, warm color which always reminds me of old days, old hand writings. I like it best on the yellow/ivory paper but it also shines on white.
What do you think about brown inks?


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