Quill Fountain Pen Review

Today I would like to introduce a unique fountain pen which you cannot come across every day. I was not aware of this brand either, until I saw it in a very old stationery shop in Ankara. The pen which I guess produced around 70’s, comes in a very classy grey box with a manual flier, 5 cartridges and a converter (the empty nest on the box belongs to converter).
 The brand named after our very primitive writing tool, quills touches the clips with elegance by making it in the shape of a quill. And I would like to draw your attention to the fine craftsmen in the clips.
 This fountain pen is very graceful, elegant and maybe we can say very feminine. However, this is most probably because I get it in pearl white. I can easily say it doesn’t look feminine in black or dark navy options.
 Nib on the pen is gold-plated and it is quite similar to Cross Century I. I think is well suited with this slim pen and its fashion. And there is a top-jewel on the cap but unfortunately I don’t know what is the material for that.
After all those years, this pen is working right out of the box and providing a good writing experience. I liked it, what do you think?
Zeynep Quillpen


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