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While writing about my September favorites, I mentioned this notebook, which is currently my favorite notebook to use with fountain pens. I generally read on my area of interest and I like taking notes and making summaries and of course all with a fountain pen. So it is very important for me that the paper can bear the ink and the wetness of the fountain pen. Most of my notebooks are not going well with fountain pens so I had to leave a page blank which means I only use the half of the notebook. I think that is sad.
Quotable cards are established by a couple Gillian Simon and Matt Fernandes Vogel who desperately searched a nice simple card in New York in 1993. So they started their company and now they offer tote bags, candles, cards, notebooks and other different things with quotes on them. And you are welcomed if you want to share your favorite quote with them from [email protected]
I nearly used the half of this notebook and I like really wet pens and generally use M and B nibs. And there is no bleed-through and not even show-through. With some inks, there might be a very little feathering. But I can handle this very little feathering, as long as there is no show-through.
And this is how it seems! You cannot see anything on the back of the right page? Eh! This is what I mean. Only thing which can be a negative fact about this notebook is; it is a big one. So, it is very hard to carry it for a daily use. I bought it from Nezih Stationery Shop at Akmerkez for 36 TL (app. 18 EUR) I thing it is a good bargain for such a big 200 pages, hardcover notebook. Besides, there is a lot more covers with different quotes are available. You can see the full range here.


What is your favorite notebook?
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