Reform 1745 fountain pen

I got my Reform 1745 long time ago from e-Bay. It is one of the best options for a pistonfiller without an enormous price tag. However, one problem with e-Bay is sometimes you don’t get what you paid for and returning back a pen from one continent to another is a pain in the arse. I was lucky, my Refrom only has some wear and tear due to the years.
There is a golden label on the body “Original Reform 1745” and with the slender body, light-weight, pistonfiller mechanism and screw cap it is an ideal fountain pen for many. I am really sad knowing that there is no such pen in production today.
It has a two-tone “Reform Iridium Point” nib. Nib is also petit, very well-matched with the body of the pen. There is no size engraved on the nib but I can say it is writing between medium and fine.
Reform 1745 has a nib that shows small line variation which we cannot call a flex. It writes moderately wet. And I didn’t have any problem although I tried it with Sailor Yama-Dori one of the problem kids of the town.
As you can see, it is smaller, lighter and thinner compared to Lamy Safari. If you are looking for a slim, round grip section and pistonfiller fountain pen and don’t want to sell your kidney at an open market, you can check out Reform 1745.
Zeynep Inlovewith Germany

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