Regal Fountain Pen

Regal, is a fountain pen brand operates in Portland, Oregon. But I got this pen from a trip to Prague. So, either they have a great distribution network or the world is really really small 🙂
On a classic black body, we have a click type gold plated metal cap. And on the cap band, we have a Regal marking which will probably get erased in time.
This gold detail in the cap is emanates in the top of the body as a half-sphere. This half-sphere makes the plastic body a bit heavier so it creates a well-balanced body for our writing experience.
This pen has a generic Iridium Point Germany nib. In order to catch harmony with the cap and the body, the nib is chosen in gold plated as well. It makes a good match.
This pen is a c/c and I inked it with Toucan Crimson red. It worked quite well out of the box. No skipping, no baby bottom, no problems at all. These pens are around 20 USD in their website.
Do you have “not very famous” fountain pens like this?
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