Robert Oster Water Blue Ice Ink

Hello All,
Today I am here with you reviewing Robert Oster Water Blue Ice. Robert Oster actually is a quite new brand but the fame has spread in a short time. Besides, it comes from a long way around the world: Australia. But this bottle comes from Pen Chalet. By the way I would like to thank Pen Chalet who sponsors me from the United States.
First of all, let me say a few words about the ink bottle. Robert Oster inks comes within the 50 ml, long and lean, plastic bottles. It is practical to carry along during the travels. Since the bottle neck is wide, you can fill many of your fountain pens. However, short pens are a bit hard to fill when your ink is consumed under half. This sample has been written with a watercolor brush. Therefore, you can see the letters are quite dark while the brush is wet and lighter when the brush has less ink.
I inked my Scrikss 85 fountain pen and this is how it seems on the tracing paper. However, please note that colors appear lighter on tracing paper.
And this is the same pen and ink on Fabriano Traccia. It is darker but please take a look at the great shadowing.
However, this beautiful ink has two downsides. First of all, it is a bit hard to clean. So I do not recommend to use in a pistonfiller (unless you can detach it easily) I lost an arm cleaning a piston filler 🙂 And the second one is, it is not very compatible with water.
Pen Chalet has a wide variety of Robert Oster inks available. Check it out to see whole range.And I will be here with other Robert Oster inks soon.
What is your favorite Robert Oster ink?
Zeynep Bluewaters


  1. I think you might be the only person in the world who has cleaning issues with my ink. And not compatible with water? Ehat in the world does that mean? lol

  2. Merhabalar. Robert Oster mürekkepleri Türkiye’ de nereden temin ediyorsunuz? tabi yurtdışından edinmediyseniz 🙂


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