Rohrer&Klingner Verdigris Ink Review

This week’s ink is Verdigris from Rohrer&Klingner. A German word Verdigris derives from French words vert (green) and gris (grey) And it is easy to see the green in our ink despite the lack of grey.
R&K Verdigris comes in broad neck, dark glass bottle with a metal cap which looks like old pharmaceutical bottles. Broad neck is an advantage for big pens such as Pelikan M800, M1000 etc. And dark colored glass protects the ingredients exposing from the sunlight.
I have bad news for sheen-seekers. There is no sheen in this ink. If you say “I like writing with wet pens and watching the sun glaring on my ink afterwards” this ink is not for you.
Saturation is high. While you are thinking “what a lovely blue-black” then you just realize it is actually dark dark dark green. Shading is medium, not good, not bad. However, there is a little problem that it tends to feather on cheap paper.
And it is not built for water-resistance either. If you really liked this ink and you are suffering because you need something exactly like this but water-resistant, you should be checking out Noodler’s Air Corp Blue Black. But if you are comfortable with this, then Verdigris is one of the best tones of dark green which can be used in everyday occasions.
Did you like Verdigris?
Zeynep Greenofmyheart

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