Rotring 700 Fountain Pen Review


This week’s pen is coming for who is looking for elegance and fineness in a fountain pen. Ladies and gentlemen; I proudly present you the Rotring 700. A lovely friend of mine came across with this pen in Ankara so he called me to buy it. In exchange of giving it the ballpoint pen of set, he convinced to give me the fountain pen 🙂 (Yeah I have great friends)
Maybe you will remember, I tried to introduce Rotring pens as an inventory previously. It is quite sad that Rotring is no longer producing those great pens which every one of them have unique designs. Therefore, we are trying to collect them as much as we come across in old stationery stores. For example, in this pen the red ring of Rotring has been placed discretely, design of the clips and the overall look is prefectly designed.
Nib also goes along very well with the overall slim look of the fountain pen. It has branding and the nib size on it. The only weak side of this pen might be the plastic grip section. But it is not that bad. Cap is closed with a silent click. Of course, should be bearing in mind that, those type of closing mechanism can be loosen in time.
Rotring 700 is a cartridge / convertor* filler. Why did I put a “*” to convertor? Because regular convertors do not fit in this pen since the body is going slimmer through the edge. I wanted to try it with a Kaweco mini conventor and voila! It fits.
When it comes to the writing pleasure of the nib, it is good like my other Rotring pens. It is a regular Medium. This pen might be a bit slim for some people’s taste. Actually I was a bit worried about that when I first got it but it didn’t bothered me during the long writing sessions. Rotring 700 is no longer in production but you could consider seriously if you come across with it online or in a stationery store.
Zeynep Redring


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