Rotring Core Fountain Pen

Hi! I want to start the week with colorful pens to brighten up the day. Rotring Core a great fountain pen which looks geeky but a great eye candy. Besides, it has great details.
As far as I know, Rotring Core has 9 colors. I have only 4. There is special design and the name of an element on the body of each pen. Besides there is a perforated part indicating the ink level on the cartridge.
It has a big, sturdy cap with enormous clips. It also has the names and symbols of the elements parallel with the body.
Top jewel of the cap is quite matching with the technical design of this very pen.
On the body, it says “Write on System”. Besides, there is a part within the cartridge necek (the orange little thing) This little piece squeezes the cartridge while you screw the body after you install the cartridge. So it pushes the ink through the feed channel and your pen writes in seconds after you install the cartridge. However, only one out of my four Rotrings have this little piece.
This fountain pen has a steel nib without breather hole. There are two sizes called XL and XS and while XS writes like a fine nib and XL writes like a medium.
 Feed of the pen is also quite different. As a great detail, I would like to add that you won’t get inky fingers when you accidentally touch the feed.
The grip section is also quite odd but I did not have any struggle while using it. Actually two of my friends got this pen after trying it.
This fountain pen has a nail, rigid nib without any kind of flex. However, with Rotring quality it has a nice, smooth writing without any scratch or any other kind of problems.
Alas! This fountain pen and other Rotring pens are no longer in production. However, it is possible to find it on e-bay around 20-25 USD. I think it would be a great gift to a geek, engineer or people who like technical work no matter a male or a female.
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