Rotring Fountain Pen Inventory Part I

Some of you may already know that I am collecting Rotring fountain pens for a while. While collecting I was in trouble with the names of the models. Even now I have some pens that I couldn’t determine to find the model names and I am waiting for an answer from Rotring. (It has been days) By the way, I wanted to make an inventory of the Rotring pens in case you come across with some them and maybe it would help.
I will (hopefully) make detailed reviews on the following days but let me briefly introduce them. Our first fountain pen is Surf, the cheapest pen of the family. The other one is “either you love it or hate it” Core. It is a very original fountain pen with several colors. Third pen is also very controversial Skynn. It also comes with colors such as red or blue but I picked yellow. The fourth pen is Dublin. It is generally very rare. Fift pen is another plastic body pen Rivette, also coming in different colors. And the last pen is again a plastic body Altro with its clips like an alien antenna.
And those are the nibs. Except Dublin’s “iridium point Germany” nib, they all special nibs designed for Rotring. And they are generally very smooth. There will be following posts about that because I have other Rotrings to introduce.
So? What do you think about Rotring fountain pens?
Zeynep Redring

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