Rotring Fountain Pens Inventory Part IV

Recently I was asked to publish more of Rotring inventory. So I couldn’t resist this request and decided to publish what I have. Those are the three models I got after I published the inventory. Rotring Art Pens are point tip and calligraphic pens. Actually they are still in production with black bodies however you can always come across with the colored bodies in old stationery shops. Rotring 400 was a pen I was looking for and I finally managed to find one on eBay. Primus is a fountain pen similar to Rotring Core which is for school children.
My Rotring 400 is a broad, Primus has an “A” nib and Art Pens are with 1.1 and 1.5 italic nibs. Hope I will be publishing separate reviews of those pens. And next post will be about “Unknown Rotring Models”
You can click for the previous part of the inventory
Zeynep Redring

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