Rotring Fountain Pens Part II

 Without long breaks I wanted to publish the second part of our Rotring fountain pen inventory. To read the first part of the inventory, please click here. I tried to make a group of similar pens in the second part. Maybe some of you will notice that the missing pen here is Rotring 400. Maybe one day, I’ll have one.
The first pen is Rotring 900, metal version of plastic Altro which showed up on the first part of the inventory. I bought it from Kayseri, an Anatolian city. Second pen is Rotring 700 which I like due to its slim body and very comfortable although its slim body. It was from Ankara. Third pen is Rotring 600 which I reviewed before. You can click here to remember the review. Fourth and fifth pens are from India. I didn’t have time to use them yet. Newton is an upgraded version of Rotring 600 and Initial is a pen with its very own fans.
And this is the second part of our Rotring inventory. As you can see although the nibs of 900 and 600 are same, the other pens have different nib designs which I really like.
Do you think Rotring can hear this cheerings and starts making fountain pens again? Why not?
Zeynep Redring

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