Rotring Fountain Pens part III

 We finally came to the third but not the last part of the Rotring Fountain pen inventory (because I have 4-5 rotrings to introduce). What do you tell if I say I am still waiting for an answer from Rotring? I hope they will respond.
Our first pen is Rotring Freeway with its blue and light-weighted body it is a true everyday pen. It has other color options but this it what I found. Second fountain pen, Renaissance is the only piston filler fountain pen of Rotring as far as I know. I haven’t came across with any other. Third one is a blue petit pen but don’t let it fool you, Rotring Esprit Retractable or Esprit Telescopic is taller when you pull. Fourth pen is Rotring Esprit which is generally confused with Rotring 400. And the last pen is a stylograph Rotring Tintenkuli, which has a long story.
As you can see, Rotring has its own similar nibs which are varied with nuances from each other. And I am in love with the double breather hole of Renaissance. It seem we have come to an end to our known Rotring series. If I cannot get response from Rotring for another week or two, I will add others as unknown models.
Do you think is it usefull to have such inventory?
Zeynep Redring

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