Rotring Surf Fountain Pen Review

I wanted to start the week with colorful pens which will cheer us up. And my choice is Rotring’s Surf fountain pen for starters. As far as I know, this is the cheapest pen of Rotring. It has a simple plastic body with a c/c filling system and a steel nib.
There is a simple printing on the cap says Rotring. Mine has not faded yet, but it can be erased within time. I bought two of them from India for 8 USD for two and the third one, I found it in a small stationery shop in Istanbul which was about 10 USD. Besides those colors, there is also a yellow one which I don’t have yet. And you can find it on e-bay about 6-9 USD price range.
Rotring Surf is a simple, cheap and light-weighted fountain pen. It has a smooth steel nib with and “R” engraving on it. There is no size marking on the nib but it is somewhere between Medium and Fine. It is a good fountain pen for beginners or to introduce children to fountain pens if you come across with it.
What is you favorite cheap fountain pen?
Zeynep Summertime

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