Sailor Jentle Ultramarine

I wanted to show you my one of the most used inks; Sailor Jentle Ultramarine. You are right if you say “Come on Zeynep! There is no Sailor Jentle inks anymore they have become Four Seasons” But as you can see from this very link, there are not so many changes in this business. Ultramarine just became Nioi Sumire. However since the name is a bit hard to say for my taste it will always stay as ultramarine for me 🙂
We should also mention about the Sailor ink bottles. Especially when the ink is about to finish. First of all Sailor ink bottles have a huge neck, so you don’t have to worry that your pen will not fit as it happens a huge problem with J. Herbin 1670 ink bottles. Besides, it has a little thing inside which helps you to fill your pen while the ink level is below your nib. You just put the bottle upside down (of course when the cap is closed) and ink pools in this little plastic piece so that you can easily ink your pen.
Sailor Jentle Ultramarine defined as “purple” in Sailor ink family! But for me, it is a great shade of blue. I love it! I love it! But if you insist, we can seal the deal on “purplish blue” or “bluish purple”.
It is a blue ink suitable for daily use, easy to clean and a great flow. And it is a great anwer to frequent question of “Does this ink works well with Japanese pens?”
Although it is not good enough with water, it does not washed out. So if you are not filling some important document, probably it will be enough for you. As you have seen from the photos, it is one of my favorite inks, I used more than half of it. Actually I made it retired and took the bottle from office to home so that I can write a review before I finish it up.
I wonder if you are going to like it as much as I do.
Zeynep Bluebird


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