Sailor King of Pen Pro Gear with King Eagle Nib

We are starting the week with a great pen Sailor King of Pen Pro Gear. Even though it is a fabulous pen the nib itself also deserves some appreciation.


It has a great King Eagle nib made out of 21K gold. The nib is designed by Nobuyoshi Nagahara who started working for Sailor as a nibmaster at 1947 and retired at 2011 after 64 years of great service.
King Eagle’s primer quality is the triple layer of nibs put on top of each other. What does this design provides? You can write either like you are using a fine nib or a BBBB nib.
The writing sample was written with the very pen starting from the first line to the bottom. You can change the line width by altering your holding angle. So it gives an enormous line variation.
Pen can be used with Sailor’s proprietary cartridges or converter. The nest where you insert the converter (or the cartridge) is very long. So you can insert it just right and tight and it means there will be no risk that the cartridge / converter will loose and leak.
Right on the top of the cap, you can see the anchor which is a symbol of Sailor brand. The price of this pen which has the quality in every detail is around 1000 USD. If you buy it with regular Naginata nibs, you can pay 810 USD. (By the way, I would like to thank you Mr. Turgay who generously shares this pen with me to make a review)
Did you like it?
Zeynep Blackeagle


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