Sailor Kobe Inks Tamon Purple

Today we have a purple-grey ink on our radar. It is Tamon Purple from a special line of Sailor Kobe Ink. Sailor used city shiluettes on its labels for this series of 40 ink. However, it is not that easy to get those inks outside from Japan. Although some of the popular colors of Kobe inks are included to the regular line of Sailor. The most popular Yama-Dori will be in blog soon.
Sailor Kobe Tamon Purple is a dark purple. I would name it stormy purple or something like that. With it is darkness I think that kind of purple can unthrone blue-black inks. I think the grey undertones gives this ink a royal look.
Like other Sailor inks, Tamon Purple is behaving well and getting along with all fountain pens I have used. (Even though I cannot post enough, Sailor is one of my favorite ink brands) And in the photo roughly translated, it writes: “According to my thought, love is reunion of souls which were divided among various creatures. This union realizes within their highest key elements. Ibn Hazm”
When I compared Tamon Purple to other purples I get, the closest match looks like Akkerman Voorhout Violet. However, Tamon Purple is much more greyer and dense than Voorhout Violet. I liked Tamon Purple and I believe it is also a great choise for daily use. By the way, thanks to Fatih, my friend, who let me use this ink for review.
Are you getting along well with purple inks?
Zeynep Royalpurple


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