Sailor Kobe No:3 Sepia Ink Review



I am here today with our second ink from Sailor’s Kobe ink series; Sailor Kobe Sepia. Sepia as a color always remind me of a song which was written by our beloved demised poet Metin Altiok and singed by Sezen Aksu; Kavaklar (Poplar Trees) Therefore, when I first got this ink, I found myself in urge to complete the review once and get rid of it immediately.
However, Sailor Kobe Sepia or if we just refer with the number, Sailor No:3 is rather a brown ink unlike sepia. I think it is much more darker than the tone appears in my mind when I think of a sepia. If we compare it with Private Reserve Chocolat which I reviewed million years ago, Sailor Kobe Sepia has cold undertones compared to Chocolat.
Sailor Kobe Sepia is a well-behaved ink. Medium water-resistant with high flow and lubricity. Even though it is hard to get this ink since it is a Japan only edition, it might be a good alternative if you cannot decide what to request from a friend visiting Japan.
By the way I am wondering, do you use brown inks often?
Zeynep Chocolatebrowngirl


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