Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen with Naginata Togi Nib

In this second day of the week, I would like to introduce you with Sailor Professional Gear fountain pen and its great nib. Professional Gear is one of the medium range fountain pens of Sailor brand. As you might remember we had a review of Professional Gear King of Pen and King of Pen Emperor Crown before. Professional Gear has a medium size. Weights 24 grams and it is about 13 cm without cap posted on.
As you know, Sailor is one of the fountain pen brands which is quite different especially the design and novelity of its nibs. (Do you remember Zoom nib?) Particularly the Nagahara line is holy grail for most of fountain pen enthusiasts. And Naginata Togi is one of the nibs that is designed by nib master Mr. Nobuyoshi Nagahara.
Feature of the nib is the different line widhts without being flex, created due to the angle on the nib. What I notice about this pen is that, everybody has different handwriting with this pen. And what about the price? Actually price of Sailor Professional Gear differs a lot. You can find a Naginato Togi nib PG with a 250 USD whereas sometimes it is 350 USD with a regular nib. It means you should conduct a good search before purchase.
What do you think about these special nibs?
Zeynep Nibbythenib


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