Sailor Young Profit Music Nib

Morning! This week’s pen is Sailor Young Profit 1911. Young Profit is one of Sailor’s medium range pens. It is just abouve the pens like Lecoule, High Ace and Clear Candy. I decided to get this pen while I was looking for a daily use music nib.
Size of the pen is quite decent. It has a body which can be considered as slender and it is a bit taller than Pilot 78G. Body is made of black quality plastic with gold accents. The cap is a “click” type, confident closing one. I liked it. The filling system is “Sailor cartridge only” but of course I prefer using it with a Sailor converter.
Sailor music nib is a bit different from other music nibs we know. Don’t worry a comparative post is coming soon 🙂 Normally there are two slits in other music nibs while Sailor has one slit as in regular fountain pen nibs.
Music nibs generally provides a character close to italic nibs. As you can see from the writing sample, it produces both thick and thin lines. And although it has been used for musical notation, I love using it for daily writing sessions.
It is a good pen performing right out of the box, with a wet character and great impact on my handwriting. I find it quite practical for daily use. It was around 60 something USD and I believe it has a good price/performance ratio.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Musicislife


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