Schneider Breeze Cartridge Rollerball

Alas! Life is going on! Death is another reality of life maybe more than everything else. I wanted to start with a different pen ceasing this long break. In my motorcycle trip to Izmir on April, I got this pen from Can Stationery Store and I fall in love with it. If I told you that for a long time I couldn’t use fountain pens you will understand what I mean.
Schneider Breeze is a refillable roller pen. It comes with two cartridges inside. However, different than the fountain pens every cartridge has its own tip and feed. Unfortunately we cannot refill the cartridges, we need change them when it finished.
Tip of this pen is quite different than the regular rollerball tips. And how to say, it might has the smoooootthestt tip of all pens I have used so far.
It slides across the paper. Therefore it is very suitable for hand writing. However, it might be on the broder side for the fine line lovers.
Besides, the ink is not smudged with the florescent highlighters. And the cartridges can be found in black, red, green and blue.
I recommend this pen to who wants to start handwriting, students who takes notes for hours and hours and for kids whom you want to introduce with handwriting. It is around 4 Euros in Turkey. I hope Schneider offers this pen with other body options.

Which pens do you cheat fountain pens with?



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