Scrikss 419 Fountain Pen Review

Scrikss 419 is one of the most legendary fountain pens of Scrikss. Even though it is still referred on their website, as far as I know, it is not produced anymore. So, today I would like to introduce you with Scrikss.

 Frankly, I like piston filler fountain pens. Besides, I prefer fountain pens in small-mid size bodies. Scrikss 419 has all those qualities. Moreover, Scrikss offers a life-time warranty which is quite a good asset.
 There is no mark indicating the nib width on Scrikss’ nib. However, this situation is for previous pens of Scrikss. For the new pens they put the nib width although I haven’t seen any nib other than a Medium. Neverthless, for Scrikss 419 you can determine the nib as M-F which is more close to finer side.
 I have had 3 Scrikss 419 fountain pens so far. All the nibs were quite good. I did not experienced any trouble or problem with them. As you may see from the writing sample Scrikss 419 is a good pen with no skipping, even matching with my curvy handwriting, in a medium wetness just among wet and dry character.
 And now, it is time for the most debatable issue over this fountain pen; resemblance with Pelikan M200. In order to make a comparison there are Pelikan M200, Scrikss 419 and Pelikan M150 in the photo. Frankly, those three pens are quite alike. As you can see, in size manner, Scrikss 419 is just between those two. However I think the main difference is more transparent ink window and price on behalf of Scrikss and nib size variety and swapping on behalf of Pelikan’s.
 Since Scrikss is not producing this pen anymore, price is quite various. While you can find it from 10-15 EUR in an old stationery store, it might also be offered with 40-50 EUR price tags. However, it is such a nice pen that worth digging old stores. In my humble opinion, Scrikss should start producing it again and I know a lot of people who are waiting for this very moment.
Did you like Scrikss 419?
Zeynep Penthusiast

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