Scrikss Notelook Notebook Review


Today, we have the review of long awaitened Scrikss Notelook. As you might know, Scrikss is the most well-known fountain pen brand of Turkey. You can reach the general information about the company by clicking here. Recently, they broaden their product range to ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils and notebooks. Especially with their hard cover, elastic band notebooks in various size, they have a wide place in the market.
I bought this Canada themed notebook from their Letter series. I recently used it all so wanted to publish it as a post in the blog. First of all, Notelook has a very wide variety of designs and covers and every design comes in three sizes A7, A6 and A5. And the average price for those notebooks, setting forth from the smallest to the biggest, 5 (2 EUR), 8 (3 EUR) and 10 (4 EUR) which makes Scrikss Notelook one third price of Moleskine.
Notelook is produced from 70 gr light ivory paper of 100 pages. It has no trouble with fountain pen, absorbes the ink quickly without causing any particular feathering. However, due to the thin paper, it has a shadowing at the back page. Especially if you like wet fountain pens as I do, you will not like using the back page full of shadows.
To put in a nutshell, I liked this notebook since it has a lot of cover and size choices, widely available and proper in price wise. By those, it can defeat Moleskine. I hope in the near future they can also offer it with 100 gr paper choice. You can see the other notebooks of Scrikss from this link.
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