Scrikss Notelook Retro Camera Notebook

Today, I want to introduce you one of the most common notebooks in the market. Notebook is a complicated issue for Turkish fountain pen enthusiasts. We generally have great notebook covers with quite shitty paper in them.  However, Scrikss Notelook Retro is not one of them. Main feature of the notebook is; it has a half lined, half squared paper and a craft section in the middle. It is quite practical for the students who carry different notebooks for different classes.

I tried the lined part of the notebook. My Kaweco Icesport BB is quite wet and still the paper handles it very well. And as you can see, back of the paper is in quite good condition. Especially if you prefer fine nibs you can comfortably use the back of the pages. In the middle of the notebook, there are pages with craft paper. You can either keep your to do list here, or you can demonstrate your art whenever you got bored in the classroom. Squared pages are still keeping the same performance.  This notebooks has different cover in the same style. And the bookback is made of cotton so it makes the notebook durable and easy to kept flat when you open it. I got this notebook from Kadıköy Guven Sanat Stationery Store for 10 Turkish Liras (approximately 3 euros) For me it has a good price/performance ratio. The only thing I didn’t like about this notebook is, the color of the paper is greyish. But still, the paper behaves good and it is a nice and cheap notebook.

 What are your favorite notebooks?
Zeynep Retropen

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