Senator President Fountain Pen Review


I just pulled out this post from my drafts folder since I am quite sick. I am here today with Senator President. As you know, fountain pen world is a bit masculine. We have issues like less women fountain pen users than men and men generally using fountain pen not as a writing instrument but as an accessorize. Therefore, the classical look of fountain pen is always big, garish bodies in dark colors and big nibs and golden or silver colored trimmings. Once I met with an old stationery owner in Ankara (capital of Turkey) and he told me that former Turkish Prime Minister (who was the first and only woman PM of Turkey) used to buy fountain pens from him and she preferred big pens. Frankly, I guess she was doing this to equalize her power in such a masculine area like politics/assembly.
Senator President is exactly like what I am trying to explain. It is as bulky as the admiral ships of fountain pen world; Pelikan M1000 and Montblanc 149. True to his(!) name it gives the impression that some big guys who enjoys expensive and big watches should be using it to sign very important documents.
I guess the body is made of resin. It is black, shiny and doesn’t feel cheap. Trimmings are gold plated and waves you on the black resin “Hi there sweetie! I’m here” There is Senator President engraving on the very large cap band.
This is a piston filler. And I can say my favorite feature about this pen is the dummy piston cap. It, especially prevents some accidents via newbies who turns the piston asking “what happens if I turn this knob?”
The nib has Senator logo along with Iridium Point Germany marking. It is a two-toned big nib. Goes along well with the rest of the pen.
Frankly, I wanted to seize the masculine way of this pen so, I picked up Rohrer&Klingner Cassia; a cheerful, joyous purple. Writing pleasure of this pen is average. It didn’t make me feel like I am using Pelikan M1000 but it is not disappointing either. It pen is not manufactured anymore but it can be found from e-bay around 150-200 USD price range.
What do you think about big and masculine pens?
Zeynep Femininepen

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