Senator Windsor Pistonfiller

Hello Dear,
We have a great pen this week. Senator Windsor. Such a royal name for such a workhorse. (Insert hand horn noise here. You can also do it with your mouth, feel free)
 Although the name smells royalty. Yes the name is so, but itself? No, it is not a guttersnipe. It is maybe a lord or a marquis or pasha. Whatever you call it. I have three swirling colors, green, blue and white. A friend has a total black one (Oh I feel a bit jealous)
 With a screw cap, transparent ink window, Lamy like size, screw nib unit and piston filling system Senator Windsor might fit the ideal pen definition for the most. Actually Pelikan offers most of the statement set forth above but this pen was nearly 1/10 of a Pelikan M150 at the time I bought it.
 The pen as a plain gold plated nib with a Senator logo on it. All my Senator Windsor’s are writing like a champion:wet and smooth. If you like finer nibs, it might be a bit on the thick side.
 I like Senator Windsor pens a lot. I can buy a few more if I come across one day to use more and more. Since they are not drying out in a short term, they are ideal for daily use. Besides, as I generally like, they are a bit light so I am able to use them for my long writing sessions without having a fatigue hand. Maybe you can one day see it in an old stationery shop.
Zeynep Timelord

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