September Favorites 2012

Okay, I inspired from cosmetics blogs. They publish their monthly favorites, so why don’t we, right? This month, those were my favorite and mostly used pens:
– TWSBI Diamond 540, I couldn’t published a review yet, I hope I will. It is a nice workhorse. (Not TWSBI Diamond 540 but here is a review of Diamond 580)
Lamy 2000, actually I bought it some months ago, but somehow I couldn’t find the perfect ink 🙂 With some pressure of Özge (a great friend from pen addict group) I finally inked it with Diamine Teal. It is a niceee, butter nib pen.


Noodler’s Standard Piston Fill (aka Nib Creaper), I kind of hated this pen when I first used, but decided to give it a chance for the sake of flex writing. I adjusted it and voila! I am in love 🙂
Scrikss 419, if you read this blog for a while, you could probably know that I like light-weighted pens. And Scrikss 419 is one of them. Hope I will publish a post about it soon. (Those are the droids you are looking for)
Pilot 78G, one of the phenomenal pens of fountain pen world. It is quite cheap 7-10 USD and a great performer. They came with F, M and B nib choices. But B is actually stub, F is an EF or EEF and M is like an F. I start using F this time with my Peter Pauper 16 months calendar and yes, it is great!


And this is the September’s favorite notebook and most probably it is going to be the favorite of November either. Quotable Journals is great for fountain pens. I used nearly 25% of it and tested with some very very wet, juicy pens and it passed. Wait for a review, but I can say, not even a show-through.
What was your favorites?


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