Sheaffer 100 Fountain Pen

This grey sky is here for too long! But there is nothing to do. As the time between a seed and plant is mandatory, we have to wait for winter to turn into the spring. Nevertheless, I said too much. Let me introduce you with this Sheaffer 100 fountain pen who is waiting to be published for months.
Sheaffer 100 is a beginner level fountain pens of Sheaffer. Trimming is chrome and the body is coated on metal. Therefore, it has a soft touch.
The nib is a little pudgy when compared to the body. It has the standart nibs Sheaffer is using on its new pens. Mine is a medium. The grip section is round and shiny metal. Some likes it, while others hate.
Sheaffer uses its own proprietary cartridges and converters. My medium nib is a little on the fine side of the writing experience. It is not very broad. And this nib is performing hassle-free right out of the box. Prices are about 40-50 USD in the market.
What is your favorite Sheaffer fountain pen?
Zeynep Mattegrey


  1. Birkaç gün önce bu aldım bu kalemden, hakkında inceleme var mi acaba diye araştırırken sizin yazınızı buldum ama o da İngilizce çıktı 🙂 Türkçe olarak da var mi acaba sitenizde bulamadım. Çalışmalarınız çok güzel teşekkürler


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