Sheaffer Agio Rainbow Fountain Pen

Hi there!
I am here with a colorful pen: Sheaffer Rainbow Agio. It is quite a rainbow body.  I found this pen many years ago in an old stationery store. However I skipped buying it. After two sleepless nights, I went to the store again on the third day and I got the pen. But please don’t ask, how many times I have used it. Lalalallalalal I cannot hear you 🙂
Sheaffer Rainbow is an eye cand. If I am not mistaken the colors on the body is a result of heating technique.
It has a plastic grip section and a golden colored steel Medium nib.
It writes without any hassle right out of box. No scratch, no flow issues, no skipping.
Of course a Sheaffer classic: proprietary cartridges and proprietary converters. And the USA mark on the clips means that it is a USA product.
 I did liked this pen however didn’t use it that much. Being a discontinued body, Sheaffer Agio Rainbow is really something from 90’s. Did you like it? Yay or nay?
Zeynep Overtherainbow

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