Sheaffer Classic Calligraphy Set

Stub or italic nibs are always an option for those who want to develop a better handwriting. Different alphabet styles and pen holding techniques can be easily found via internet. Calligraphy pens are also available from various pen manufacturers like Lamy, Sheaffer and Kaweco. Today, I would like to introduce you with Sheaffer Classic Calligraphy set including 3 pens of 0.8 mm which referred as Fine, 1.3 mm Medium and 1.8 mm Broad.  Unlike Lamy, with this set, you can have three nib sections with three bodies (in Lamy calligraphy set, there is one body and three nib sections) and 14 ink cartridges and a manual introducing calligraphy.
Even though it is a nice box, I find it extremely bulky. Since nib sections will be embedded to bodies, and cartridges can be stored in a small box. Besides, the plastic nest of the pens and cartridges is very cheap and indurable. So it doesn’t worth to keep the box.
As seen, every nib section is indicated with a different color. Ink cartridges are in different color either. I liked it. However, these pens are wet writers so if you like to doodle with pens, you may consume a cartridge nearly in an hour and speaking for Turkey, it is hard to find those Sheaffer cartridges, especially colored ones. So I am not throwing empty cartridges away so I can fill them with syringes again and again.
As said before, pens in Sheaffer Calligraphy set are 0.8 mm, 1.3 mm and 1.8 mm. On the other hand Lamy has 1.1 mm, 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm while Pilot Parallel Pen has 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.8 mm and 6 mm. Kaweco Calligraphy set has the same three nibs as Lamy and besides a 2.3 mm. So it makes sense to buy them all 🙂
Price of this set is 60 TL (app. 30 EUR) Since I also have the old calligraphy set of Sheaffer I had chance to compare those sets, but the new set (this one) unfortunately has poorer material quality. But nibs are still good and smooth. And it is the cheapest among all calligraphy sets Lamy Joy is about 170 TL (app. 80 Eur), Kaweco set is about 140 TL (app. 70 Eur), Pilot Parallel Pen set is about 90 TL (45 Eur). Therefore, if you want to try calligraphy pens and looking for an available one, try Sheaffer Classic Calligraphy Set. You won’t regret.




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