Soennecken s19 Fountain Pen Review

F. Soennecken Rundscbrift
Hello All,
Have you heard about Soennecken brand? Freidrich Soennecken who lived among 1848-1919 was a business man and an inventor among he invited a script called Rundscbrift. And after inventing this script, he started his own stationery company called Soennecken which is still active in Germany.
Soennecken Vintage Fountain pens
The first Soennecken fountain pens were offered in 1888. Today the pen I want to show is, of course launced many years after that, Soennecken Schulfüller pen which means school fountain pen. I have two of those pen and one has a nib called s6 and the other which I will show you today is s19.
Soennecken Fountain Pen
As you can see, it is a simple, plain, useful pen with plastic body. It is a piston filler and there is a little transparent ink window showing the ink level. So it is mostly everything you are looking in a fountain pen.
Soennecken S19 uç
Soennecken S19 has a steel but quite flex nib. There is a bit of fading in the gold plate but no negative effect on the writing. It is a steel nib, but flexes quite nice, nearly as much as gold nibs.
Soennecken s19 Toucan Sienna
 Just look how cute it flexes! I really love this pen. And image this pen was once for German students and it was probably quite affordable.
 Put your hands up if you love flex pens!
Zeynep Flexpen



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