Şön Art Gamze Tavukçuoğlu Design Defter

Şön Art is a gift company located in Turkey. They have notebook covers designed by local artists. This one is designed by Gamze Tavukçuoğlu.

My notebook is lined. And it has a place to note the date in every page. I tried this notebook with a Rainbow 290 with Toucan Sienna ink, Picasso 606 candle flame with Levenger True Teal and lastly a Regal Fountain Pen with Toucan Crimson.As you can see this notebook is ghosting and bleeding through so it is not very suitable to use with the fountain pens. Unless you are okay to skip the back page.

This notebook was a gift from a very nice friend of mine. If you would like to get, you can find it in Şön Art’s own website.

Which notebooks you favor the best with fountain pens?


Zeynep Notebooking


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