Stabilo beFab/beYou Fountain Pen

Greetings Everyone,
Today’s fountain pen is a Stabilo beFab. Stabilo is a deep-rooted German brand established in 1855. Although they are mostly known for their Point 88 and Point 68 felt tip pens, today we will be talking about beFab fountain pens.
Stabilo has two fountain pen series called beFab and beYou. beFab has rounded body ends while beYou has pointed ends. I got this pen during my Budapest visit last year.
beFab has a plastic light-weighted body, silicon grip and steed nib. And the body comes with different pattern and color options.
Stabio beFab’s medium nib is nice and smooth. It is both ideal for beginners’ and daily use. Besides it comes with calligprahy nibs. I think it makes a strong impression with light and sturdy body and it is used with standard European cartridges.
The price range for this pen is about 20 USD. You should not be skipping this pen if you are a beginner or if you are looking for a reliable and affordable daily pen.
Zeynep FabulousPen


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