Stabilo ile #HayatınRenginiBul

This Saturday, I was invited to Stabilo’s blogger event called “Find the Color of Life”. I got lost in the colorfull pens.
We had a mandala coloring workshop within the great host of Stabilo. Mandala is a symbol of universe in Hinduism and Buddhism generally a circle or a square within a circle. It is composed either from center to outline or outline to inner center. Generally when it is done with colored sands in Buddist temples it is swiped as soon as completed to refer the temporariness of the world.
Mandala is also a therapy for most of the adults. You can isolate yourself from the daily fuss of the world by drawing or by coloring mandalas. It is calming and joyous at the same time. You can print out some mandala patterns and try this activity at home.
Why not?
Zeynep Crayon


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