Sunday Cleaning

It is fun to have a lot of fountain pens but you know: “With more pen, comes more responsibilities” ­čÖé It is always a problem to store them: within their boxes or without boxes, storing boxes separately or throwing them away, storing in pen trays or in cups? Always things to decide and plan. I don’t know you, but become very anxious if I cannot find the pen in my mind.
This pen case is a gift from my father who found it in a stationery shop in Ankara. I don’t know the price. It can store up to 55 pens and I think a good and decent way to store your pens. Because when you zip it, your pens will be dust free and secure. So this Sunday, I woke up early and made a bit cleaning on my fountain pen shelf and gathered some of the pens. I still have pens in pen trays (valuable ones), still some more in cups, a bit more in pen rolls. You can see some of my pen store solutions┬áhere.
And this is my little helper who joined my Sunday cleaning by jumping the shelves, trying to throw the pens and putting her little pink noise to everywhere. I guess she must be tired after all those she did to help me.
Have a nice Sunday everyone!


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