Sunday Post 18


I am here with a delayed Sunday Post. This is one of the significant books I have read lately. The Writing on the Water: Chronicals of a Islamic Seeker on the Islamic Sufi Path from Muhyiddin Shakoor. I read it very carefully and slowly so that it won’t end. I felt like Unlike the author, I felt like I am drowned in the vortex of the book cover. If you believe in that the ancient traditions are conveyed not through the books but the teachers then you should read this book.
And this is the place where I want to be the most, nowadays. I dream of being there again and tracing the messages of ancient traditions of thousands of years ago. The place is Germany Pergamon Museum and the piece of art is the Zeus Altar.
By the way, I am working on being mobilized on two wheels (insert engine sound here) therefore there might be some delays on posts, even though I will try not to.
Zeynep Lazyblogger


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