Sunday Post 21


Hello from Sunday Post which is always published on Monday!
Last week, I told you about Mehmet Siyah Kalem (Mehmet Black Pen). He is one of the miniature masters of our history. Since his works have been discovered in the archives back in 1950, we still don’t know anything about him, except being a Middle Asian miniature master.
But there is something we know, that he is the master of humans and demons who depicts them in the best way. He is a must-know artist ahead his time.
I like Sailor inks so much but I don’t know why I never posted about them in this blog. Here is a writing sample with Sailor Jentle Grenade. You can see the great sheen, right? Magnificent!
My latest addition to the Parker family: a capillary filler Parker 61. Nevertheless, it needed a bit of cosmetic treatment. On the left you can see the polished body and on the right there is the unpolished cap. It looks shiny, isn’t it!
And again reading and writing. I still enjoy Jung’s Man and His Symbols. If you add a cup of freshly brewed tea in the scene this is exactly my writing desk in the evenings.
How was you week?
Zeynep Blackpen

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