Sunday Post 25


Hello dears,
This week I read two books. The first one was about physcology because I wanted to continue the matter after I read Jung. However I didn’t like it since I don’t like it when people claim that the only true path is theirs. But the second book is a total win. Conference of the Birds from Peter Sis. The Conference of the Birds is a very famous story of Islamic esoteric tradition by Feriduddin Attar. Peter Sis has transformed it into great illustrations and it became an amazing book. I totally recommend it.
A page from the book and preview from an upcoming review ^_^
As you might know I write articles for a monthly magazine. In March issue, I wrote about steel dip pens. Fast and short track in writing history.
After the magazine was published, the photo I used has ben appreciated a lot so I wanted to share it with you. This week was left behind with lots of rain which means I cannot ride my motobike and the occasions which are planned but cannot be realized. How was your week?
Zeynep Steelnib


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