Sunday Post 35 / Pazar Postası 35

Hello everyone,
This week’s sunday post is picture heavy since there has been some time, some vacation and some decoration at home. I took a small notebook and Kaweco Ice Sport pen to carry the holiday spirit.
I have read this book about Mythology which was recently published. It is a great book if you are interested in mythology and don’t know where to start with. It is dissected by topics and concepts with a lot of visuals.
I was proud of leading some hand writing practice. Yes! Handwriting can improve with lots of practice.
I wrote some letters which will not be posted to the addressee. I had plenty of time thinking about writing itself and its essence for me. And I noticed once again that I can control the flow in my mind at least a bit by writing, and conclude about some complex thoughts by putting them down on a paper.
I had a little guest in. (She still will be with me for a couple of days more, so maybe you can see her again next week as well)
And lastly, I got this book last week and I dreamed of laying down in my bed and dreaming about the motorcycles but last week two fellow riders have been murdered while they were on a trip. So all my dreams are shattered. I wish a country where we live in peace and travel safely. Is it too much to ask?
How was your week?
Zeynep Lazybones

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