Sunday Post 36

Hi all,
I left behind a busy week with full of business trips. As I had a motorbike ride on Saturday despite the heavy rain and voting for President on Sunday I just find chance to clean my cumulating fountain pens and read a few pages. If I am not in the mood to read a whole book, I generally stumble upon my old books and read the underlined pages. One of them is the book shown above which is about Hermes Trimegistus and the Hermetic Philosophy.
I like underlining the pages. It is good to see on which ideas I have been contemplating or to see if I can finally understood the ideas that I put a question mark and remember what I have learnt before.
And this is the new collection item which joined my fountain pen family during my Cyprus trip. Put your hands up if you recognize it. By the way, I will be leaving the town for a vacation on Wednesday. This time, I am planning to sit by mother, chat with my father and have fun with my sister. If the blogging slows down (I actually prepared a few drafts) please forgive.
How was your week?
Zeynep Newpen

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