Sunday Post 41

This week’s book is “100 Strategies to Save Your Life on Motorbike” from Cem Batirbaygil. This was a free gift from a Motorcycle magazine and to be frank I had my hands on it by not returning to my friend. I believe this book (or similar books) should be read before you had your traffic experience with your motorbike.
Finally I take my watercolor set out from my stash where they have been hiding for a long time. Yes I did my small painting on a paper where I erased (not very successfully though), does this make me a monster?
And those two handwriting samples are mine. Written on the same day, one after other with different fountain pens. Does your handwriting also change from one pen to another or is it just me?
Zeynep Penthusiast
PS: School just started in Turkey. I wish a good school year for all students  around the world.

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