Sunday Post 43

This week’s book was “Life After Loss: The Lessons of Grief”. It was a wonderful book about our grief process after the demise of a beloved one. It was especially important for me since I may able to cry three years after one of the most important demise of my life. And the best part is, here comes the spoiler — Time is not a remedy!— says the book. (And the handwriting beneath is a poet from Tagore, sorry I don’t know the translation)
Since it was incredibly rainy, this weekend was quite fruitful for me. I read a lot/write a lot.
I tried to compensate the dark weather with joyful and colorful inks. I used pinks, turquoises and vivid blues in my fountain pens.
And one of my readers had asked that if Diamine Sargasso Sea matches up well with Pilot 78G. I tried and it seems like they get along very well.
And lastly this is a Turkish Macedonian folkloric song singed by a Canadian singer. I hope you’ll enjoy.
How was your week?
Zeynep Homie


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