Sunday Post 52

It will be a long Sunday Post. As you know, I was away this week. First, I went to Thessaloniki. Those alleys, houses and cypresses heading towards the sky… I feel at home.
Here is a fountain from a monastry in Thessaloniki. There is a famous palindrome on it. Wash your sins not just your face.
A long train ride cannot be without a book, notebook and pens. It takes five and half hour between Athens and Thessaloniki. Of course I wrote and read, gazed out of the window.
And there is Athens on my way. Athens means Athena for me. It means Greek Mythology which I can trace whatever I see. Athens means good friends, European style streets, shops closed at 17:00 in the afternoon and good food….
And it means bookstores. Three books on the bottom are the ones I bought and the tow in the top is birthday present from my lovely friend Manos.
Stationery store shopping? Of course! For example this book made in Greece.
Latest ink of Montblanc. One Rotring 400 and one Rotring Core TRN. Unfortunately I didn’t go much stationery shopping in Athens. But I hope I will write a Thessaloniki stationery store post. (I hope)
When I came back to home, this little friend welcomed me. No, not permanent, she is a temporary guest in my home. However she is a bit jealous of notebooks and pens. Whenever I sat down to read or write something, she poses like this.
How was your week?
Zeynep Travelpen

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