Sunday Post 57

I couldn’t have chance to post last week but we had a great pen meeting in Ankara. We write, meet and share! By the way we have 1000 followers in the blog now and we are over 1 million hits. Yes we are one big family of penthusiasts.
I was trying to modify my handwriting for a while and nowadays it is closer to what I hae in mind. Did you like it? By the way if you think handwriting won’t change you could check my previous handwriting samples.
As I use finer nibs with this handwriting, I finally started using my Wality/Airmail pens I got from India.
This box full of herbal tea gifted by my father was a divine message as I was thinking of reducing my black tea consumption.
As I got a lot of tea, I started using this new tea set who is the latest addition of my kitchen.
How was your week?
Zeynep Kalemsever

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