Super 5 Fountain Pen

Super5 Green Fountain Pen
Today I would like to salute you with a fountain pen from Germany. Hallo! Super5 is a rather new brand and they are making not just fountain pens you have seen an example in the photo but also inks which I think they get them produced by Rohrer&Klingner. They have a head start in the fountain pen community by this way.
Super5 Fountain Pen
Super5 fountain pen has a metal body coated in plastic. And by this way, it is an affordable alternative for those who find Lamy Safari or Lamy Al-Star light-weighted. Pen itself is quite simple and plain and it has no branding except this subtle one shown in the photo.
Super5 Clips
The only problem might be the black paint of the clips are getting chipped off. The cap on the other hand is a quite solid click cap.
Super5 Nib
Super5 fountain pen has a very plain, steel nib embossed with only “Super5” branding. It is a medium nib. However it is very very smooth. I always say this, it is not about a nib being gold but it should be well adjusted and there should be good quality control. Another example for this is the Bexley fountain pens.
Super5 Fountain pen writing sample
I used my Super5 with Kaweco Paradise Blue ink and I liked it a lot. This pen is about 25 Euros. If you don’t like Lamy design or Kaweco is too small for you or you don’t like crew caps for daily use and if you prefer pens a bit heavier than Safari or Kaweco sport, you can check out Super5 fountain pens.
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