Taccia Savanna Fountain Pen Review


Remember I asked you what might I bought with the money I saved up in my coin bank, please meet with my new beauty Taccia Savanna fountain pen.
This pen having a nice body shape of a budding branch is also made from an interesting material: buffalo horn.
Hand-carved and individually polished this pens comes with two tone (gold-silver) nibs with fine, medium and broad nib sizes.
Also the stand beneath the pen is made of buffalo horn as a great way to display the pen on your table or for the one like me who does not want to take the pen to the office it is a great decorative object in the living room 🙂
OK, everything is fine but how does it write? It is surprisingly amazing. Besides, even though it is a big, at least a long pen and moreover having a short grip section it is quite nice and not tiring at all during the long writing sections. The nib dances on the paper like a knife dances on the butter 🙂
I had this pen via my friends visiting the States and I don’t regret having this pen in my fountain pen collection. Besides, I would like to thank to Betul and Koray (awesome people) who helped me having this pen. (Guys I can lend you this pen for a short while if you want!)
What do you think about this pen?
Zeynep Buffaloson

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