That is what I purchased from Louis Vuitton / Louis Vuitton’dan iste bunu aldim


I would like to thank all who made a guess about what I would have bought from Louis Vuitton. However, as seen above, none guessed it right. Therefore, I wanted to reserve my little gift for any other occasion. Maybe it can be a 400 followers gift, what do you think?
Singapore Marina Bay Sands Louis Vuitton Store has an art gallery and a bookstore in its bottom floor. While visiting the store, I stumbled upon this book while I was in an euphoria wandering around the bookshelves. There are a limited number of books in the store, carefully selected. Plastic wrapping was just removed yesterday and I am willing to read it line by line and I want to share as much as I learn or as much as I understand it.
I hope you will like it as well.
Zeynep Bookworm
PS: I know the photo is a bit blurred but whenever I tried to upload the sharp one, blogger rotated it so I was not able to use. So instead I used this blurred one.

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